Trustroots in action

First months live for Trustroots has been tremendous! In this very short time over 5000 members have joined the community. The feedback we’re receiving is very encouraging.

(Trustroots is our latest non-profit project — read introduction.)

We’ve kept quite low profile so far to sort of beta test the code and see how it performs. All the early issues are now pretty much fixed and as a next step we’ll want to build some features that help the site function better with larger user base.

So far Trustroots has been the most barebone and simplest thing we could imagine that still works well for hospitality exchange. Already in early days these guys and many more had good experiences:

In March we established the Trustroots Foundation and during the winter we’ve been gathering feedback and figuring out how to facilitate hospitality exchange in new ways.

Recently Kasper, Callum and I were interviewed by Marlene Göring. She was writing an article about hospitality exchange for a renowned German newspaper.

Our more established projects were mentioned this month also at Vice and Newsweek.

While these projects get more attention, there has always been plenty to do and fix. I would love to see a few talented programmers join our teams at any of these projects. I guarantee loads of fun times and interesting challenges. Drop me a message if you’re interested and I’ll tell you more!

PS. This winter’s Hitchwiki rewrite has not been forgotten — just dozen other things have taken mine and other’s time this spring — I’ll try to hurry up a public demo as soon as possible! Hold on tight. 🙂

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