• What’s with unauthorised CouchSurfing verification payments?

    What’s with unauthorised CouchSurfing verification payments?

    CouchSurfing is really making an effort hiding away all the mentions about verification not being free and people are angry.

  • How does Trustroots compare?

    How does Trustroots compare?

    Why should I join you guys and what’s the difference? We hear this question sometimes and it often includes phrases like “—why don’t you help BeWelcome instead?” or “—what’s wrong with Couchsurfing?”. Complete reply would be lengthy and complicated, but I’ll give you some food for thought. About Couchsurfing many have written much better than I could and…

  • Trustroots in action

    Trustroots in action

    First months live for Trustroots has been tremendous! In this very short time over 5000 members have joined the community. The feedback we’re receiving is very encouraging. (Trustroots is our latest non-profit project — read introduction.) We’ve kept quite low profile so far to sort of beta test the code and see how it performs. All the early…

  • Life outside the Big Blue Box

    Life outside the Big Blue Box

    It’s not that everyone needs to stop using Facebook but those who actually communicate with friends, participate in communities and organise real life meetings really should start using something else as well. The rest could spend less time looking at stream of pictures and random blurbs, but for that Facebook is really ideal. Just like…

  • Introducing Trustroots

    Introducing Trustroots

    I’m excited to start a new project for hosting hitchhikers. My friends, let me introduce you Trustroots! Me and other hospex activists are creating a new volunteer based gift/free-economy project. While hosting will be at the core of Trustroots, it’s not limited to it. This project started from an idea to create “Hitchwiki Hosts”. We were…