Hitchwiki hackathon @ Turkey

I have big plans for the winter! We’ll rent a flat from Turkey and rewrite some code running Hitchwiki — The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hitchhiking the World.

Me and Rémi have been planning for a while to do big rewrite of Hitchwiki.org’s wiki and maps. Wiki is good old MediaWiki (which we want to keep) and Maps is custom PHP code-jungle written by me one summer years ago.

It’s finally time to rewrite it from the scratch and make something like this:

This is quite early preview and it’s missing many things such as ratings, but it gives the basic idea what we want to achieve.


We’re doing the rewrite this December 2014—January 2015 in Turkey. We will rent a house together for living and working.

To cover some costs we’re asking some donations from the community. Check it out and spread the word!

Who wants Hitchwiki stickers?

Hey! Do you want some awesome stickers with a thumb to decorate your computer, bike or a pole at the hitching spot? Drop me a message and I’ll send you some.

These are very nicey square 7x7cm stickers. They’re not superduper quality nor long term weather resistant (I printed them very cheapy) but they’re just fine.

And this is how they look. Pretty cool eh?

Drop me a message at mikael@ihminen.org or elsewhere and tell me your postal address. Depending a bit on demand I’ll send you a few stickers, lemme know if you have loooads of friends with whom to share these and I’ll send a bit more.

Those willing to print these by themselves, just grab the file from Hitchwiki.

Update: these are not currently available anymore.

Hello World!

I started arranging my life to a new direction this spring right after I organized BeWelcome hackathon in Lisbon. I quit my day job once again and decided concentrating only on stuff that really matters: working on a few interesting projects around sharing, free economy, communities and of course — traveling.

I’m now volunteering big part of my time, doing mostly only what I’m really passionate about. In between I do also some startup style tinkering and to collect my pennies for living, freelancing for some digital agencies. I should probably fund some of my projects with donations and do crowdfunded coding sprints together with other hackers?

Mikael at Corfu, Greece

Guys, it’s been crazy good summer! I spent all spring traveling around Europe meeting interesting geeks and other smart people. Latter part of the summer we hitched around North and Balkans, camping a lot at wild beaches. Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo are amazing countries. Crazy stuff happening all the time such as donkeys straying into bars, as well insanity of the traffic and mountains combined becoming “normal” to you after a while.

Autumn is here, we are again at home in Vilnius and it’s time to sit down to get some work done.

I want to restore the trust among people and make websites that help people spending less time on their computers and more time meeting each other. That means a lot of HitchwikiNomadwikiTrashwiki stuff ahead but as well one new project coming up.

In this blog I will be writing about these projects as well about general hospex world around CouchSurfing and BeWelcome.