Mikael Korpela

Hello! I’m a maker, tinkerer, developer, and designer.

I’ve spent a lot of my time on the road — it defines me. Often I’ve hitchhiked, cycled, or hiked a mountain. I spent my youth in Finland, but I’ve lived in quite a few countries and continents since. Right now, I’m rather sedentary and based in Lithuania, Europe. I have two kids.

I’m a techie working at Automattic on WordPress.com. We also build Jetpack, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and more. Join us! In the past, I built websites and campaigns for the biggest brands in Europe and the Nordics by working mostly with digital and advertising agencies. I consider myself a designer, developer, and manager and I’ve worked in all these roles over the years.

As a hobby, I build open source & non-profit travel projects; I co-founded Trustroots, and I’m also behind Hitchwiki and several other projects. I used to frequent media with my projects and travels. Thanks to these sites, hundreds of thousands of youngsters every year could afford to travel and gather around a community over the past decade.

I like making stuff, be it from wood, electronics, or code. I’m very fond of public sauna cultures.

I’m always curious and I love collecting and telling stories. I enjoy the company of positive and talkative people. Don’t be evil. Be yourself.

I have a good tolerance for different people and behavior. You can be odd if you want to.

I’m a connector. What is it that you do? Who would you enjoy and benefit meeting? How can I help you to get good advice?

What will I learn if I listen to you?

Be good